Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Colllins

With the holidays I figured I’d post a review I’ve held for a while since I feel it would make a good Christmas gift for readers of all ages. It is the first of a trilogy and one can purchase this first book by it’s lonesome or the whole trilogy in a gift pack.

The book is Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, a book originally published in 2008. I know I'm a bit late in catching onto this book, but it is very good. Here's a snip of my review:

The plotting throughout the novel is brisk and Collins’s style has that page-turning quality that proves ever more addictive the deeper into the story one delves. Through Katniss, we learn bits and pieces of how the world crumbled – at least North America – and rose into the nation of Panem. What makes Collins method of informing the reader about the world is that we don’t know much more than our protagonist, and this puts the reader ever more into the story.

We also learn of the hybrid creatures that populate the world – mockingjays, which are a cross between a mockingbird and a genetically created jabberjay; Muttations and Wolf Mutts – creatures that can best be described as synthetically engineered werewolves; and trackerjays, wasps that make killer bees seem as painful and harmful as a baby moth. Moreso than the creatures, where Collins succeeds in posting this future world is in the everyday life of its characters and how it is a reflection of the world at large.

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