Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Triumph over Tragedy: Hurricane Sandy Benefit Anthology

As many of my readers know, I live in New Jersey.  Superstorm Sandy hit two weeks ago and to say that the natural disaster transformed  parts of the region into an apocalyptic landscape would be an understatement.  In other words, I'll take the five-day power outage and dozen or so toppled trees around my property as a win compared to what happened in other parts of New Jersey and New York.

Author R.T. Kaelin immediately grabbed his bootstraps and put together Triumph over Tragedy, a benefit anthology for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Sarah of the terrific blog Bookworm Blues has been pitching in as well, most recently securing Elizabeth Bear for a story. Additionally, the VERY IMPRESSIVE list of contributors looks something like this:
  • Robert Silverberg (Hugo and Nebular Award winner)
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley (Locus Award winner) (donated by the MZB Literary Trust)
  • Elizabeth Bear
  • Michael J. Sullivan
  • Bradley P. Beaulieu
  • Phillip Athans
  • Stephen D. Sullivan
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Rick Novy
  • Jean Rabe
  • Maxwell Alexander Drake
  • SM Blooding
  • Erik Scott de Bie
  • Alex Bledsoe
  • Matthew Wayne Selznick
  • R.T. Kaelin
  • Ari Marmell
  • Jaym Gates
  • C.S. Marks
  • C.J. Henderson
  • Marian Allen
  • Bryan Young
  • Donald Bingle
  • Janine Spendlove
  • T.L. Gray
  • Miya Kressin
  • Steven Saus
  • Addie King
  • Rob Knipe
  • Vicki Johnson-Steger
  • Tracy Chowdhury
  • Doris Stever
  • Gregory Wilson

More information, and how to contribute, can be found at the Indie Go Go page for Triumph over Tragedy.

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