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Books in the Mail (W/E 05/15/2010)

Only a few this week, but one of them I’ve been really anticipating…

The Living Dead 2 by John Joseph Adams (Nightshade Books Trade Paperback 09/15/2010) – I really enjoyed Adams’s predecessor volume The Living Dead. One of the main differences with this volume is all the stories are new:

Two years ago, readers eagerly devoured The Living Dead. Publishers Weekly named it one of the Best Books of the Year, and Barnes & called it "The best zombie fiction collection ever." Now acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams is back for another bite at the apple -- the Adam's apple, that is -- with 43 more of the best, most chilling, most thrilling zombie stories anywhere, including virtuoso performances by zombie fiction legends Max Brooks (World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide), Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), and David Wellington (Monster Island).

From Left 4 Dead to Zombieland to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, ghoulishness has never been more exciting and relevant. Within these pages samurai warriors face off against the legions of hell, necrotic dinosaurs haunt a mysterious lost world, and eerily clever zombies organize their mindless brethren into a terrifying army. You'll even witness nightmare scenarios in which humanity is utterly wiped away beneath a relentless tide of fetid flesh.

The Living Dead 2 has more of what zombie fans hunger for -- more scares, more action, more... brains. Experience the indispensable series that defines the very best in zombie literature.

Introduction - John Joseph Adams
Alone, Together - Robert Kirkman /Danger Word - Steven Barnes & Tananarive Due / Zombieville - Paula Stiles /The Anteroom - Adam-Troy Castro / When the Zombies Win - Karina Sumner-Smith / Mouja - Matt London / Category Five - Marc Paoletti / Living with the Dead - Molly Brown / Twenty-Three Snapshots of San Francisco - Seth Lindberg / The Mexican Bus - Walter Greatshell / The Other Side - Jamie Lackey / Where the Heart Was - David J. Schow / Good People - David Wellington / Lost Canyon of the Dead - Brian Keene / Pirates vs. Zombies - Amelia Beamer / The Crocodiles - Steven Popkes / The Skull-Faced City - David Barr Kirtley / Obedience - Brenna Yovanoff / Steve and Fred - Max Brooks / The Rapeworm - Charlie Finlay / Everglades - Mira Grant / We Now Pause For Station Identification - Gary Braunbeck / Reluctance - Cherie Priest / Arlene Schabowski Of The Undead - Mark McLaughlin & Kyra M. Schon / Zombie Gigolo - S. G. Browne / Rural Dead - Bret Hammond / The Summer Place - Bob Fingerman / The Wrong Grave - Kelly Link / The Human Race - Scott Edelman / Who We Used to Be - David Moody / Therapeutic Intervention - Rory Harper / He Said, Laughing - Simon R. Green / Last Stand - Kelley Armstrong / The Thought War - Paul McAuley / Dating in Dead World - Joe McKinney / Flotsam & Jetsam - Carrie Ryan / Thin Them Out - Kim Paffenroth, Julia Sevin & RJ Sevin / Zombie Season - Catherine MacLeod / Tameshigiri - Steven Gould / Zero Tolerance - Jonathan Maberry / And the Next, and the Next - Genevieve Valentine / The Price of a Slice - John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow / Are You Trying to Tell Me This is Heaven? - Sarah Langan

The Evolutionary Void (The Void Trilogy Book 3) by Peter F. Hamilton (Del Rey Hardcover 08/24/2010) – This is one of my most highly anticipated SF novels of the year after enjoying the first two (The Dreaming Void and The Temporal Void ). This series is setting the benchmark for the term Epic Science Fiction:

Peter F Hamilton's startling perspectives on tomorrow's technological and cultural trends span vast tracts of space and time; his stories are as compelling as they are epic in scope, and yet they are always grounded in characters - human, alien and other - who, for all their strangeness, still touch our hearts and fire our imaginations. Now, in The Evolutionary Void, Hamilton concludes the highly acclaimed Commonwealth saga that has unfolded in The Dreaming Void and The Temporal Void.

Having finally mastered his astonishing psychic abilities and how to harness the power of the city itself, Edeard is dismayed to find that life in Makkathran is as challenging and dangerous as ever. No matter what he does, there always seem to be threats to quash and unrest to settle. Although he knows he can eventually rid the city of corruption and anarchy, he is coming to understand that he himself will have to pay a terrible price for Makkathran's peace and liberty.

Inspired by their shared vision of Edeard's story, millions of Living Dream pilgrims embark on their gigantic, ultradrive ships, heading towards a new and perfectible life within the Void that lies at the centre of the galaxy. Their arrival will trigger a super-massive expansion of the Void which will devour everything in its path - ultimately the galaxy itself - and, for those of the Greater Commonwealth who would stop the pilgrimage, time is running out.

On the run from planet to planet, pursued by every Commonwealth faction, Second Dreamer Araminta realizes she can no longer flee her destiny and chooses a course of action that will not only confound Living Dream but also will transform her in a way no one could have expected.

Unable to deliver the Second Dreamer to the Commonwealth's ruthless field operative, the legendary Paula Myo, a desperate Oscar Monroe brings together a team of players who may just be able to stop Living Dream's pilgrimage. Unfortunately his plan includes the genius recluse Ozzie, who has no intention of embarking on any kind of mission to save the galaxy - besides, Ozzie is not quite the man he used to be... if he is a man at all.

The Accelerator faction, intent on supporting the pilgrimage so that it can gain access to the technology behind the Void, finally activates its mysterious swarm with disastrous political and military consequences for the Commonwealth. This leaves the Delivery Man, a one-time faction agent with devastating firepower at his disposal, teamed up with an unlikely ally as he frantically tries to limit the damage. Together with his new partner he travels to an alien world which has abandoned evolution in favour of fate, hoping to find a solution.

Then there is Gore Burnelli, one of the oldest, most influential humans left from the pre-Commonwealth era who claims to know much more than he is letting on and perhaps knows just enough to save the galaxy - if he can outwit Ilanthe, the driving force behind the Accelerator faction. But Ilanthe has the Cat on her side, and that can only mean big trouble for anyone who gets in her way.

The Evolutionary Void will leave no reader in doubt as to why Peter F Hamilton is Britain's number one bestselling SF Novelist.

The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten by Harrison Geillor (Nightshade Books Trade Paperback 09/15/2010) – All I know about this book is what I pulled from the publisher’s website below:

The town of Lake Woebegotten, MN is a small town, filled with ordinary (yet above average) people, leading ordinary lives. Ordinary, that is, until the dead start coming back to life, with the intent to feast upon the living. Now this small town of above average citizens must overcome their petty rivalries and hidden secrets, in order to survive the onslaught of the dead.

Harrison Geillor was born in a small three-room farm house in central MN, sometime in the middle of the twentieth century. He attended one of Minnesota's prestigious institutions of higher learning, were he obtained a degree in English. Like English majors everywhere, he want on to work in a variety of jobs that had nothing to do with books or literature. At some point in his life he decided that the best way to appreciate Minnesota was to appreciate it from afar. He splits his time between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, only returning to Minnesota for smelt fishing, and the occasional family reunion.

The Chapter’s Due (A Ultramarines/Warhammer 40,000 novel) by Graham McNeill (Black Library Hardcover 06/01/2010) – McNeill is a superstar at Black Library and churns out novels in a number of the subseries of both WH Fantasy and WH 40K.

War is unending in the life of a Space Marine. After defeating tau forces, Captain Uriel Ventris of the Ultramarines has returned to the Chapter’s homeworld of Macragge, but there is little respite. The Ultramarines are thrust back into battle, and this time the enemy is the Chapter’s greatest nemesis. The traitorous Iron Warriors, led by renegade Warsmith Honsou, have gathered together a massive and brutal warband. Their target is the realm of Ultramar. Their objective is total annihilation. It is a final showdown between legendary Space Marines, and Uriel Ventris must take on the might of Honsou if he is to save his Chapter’s homeworld..

Courage and Honour (A Ultramarines/Warhammer 40,000 novel) by Graham McNeill (Black Library Hardcover 06/01/2010) – McNeill is a superstar at Black Library and churns out novels in a number of the subseries of both WH Fantasy and WH 40K, this is the predecessor to the above hardcover volume:

Book five in the Ultramarines series follows the tale of Uriel Ventris as he tries to regain the trust of the 4th company and the Ultramarines chapter after his time in the Eye of Terror and his continued fight against the powers of chaos.

The noble Ultramarines epitomise the Space Marines, the genetically enhanced warriors who protect the Imperium from its foes. Newly returned from the Eye of Terror, Captain Uriel Ventris must redeem himself in the eyes of his battle-brothers, who fear he may have been tainted by Chaos. When the planet Pavonis is invaded by tau, what better opportunity could Uriel have to join his Chapter in combat and prove that his honour is beyond reproach?

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