Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Best of Lists are Appearing...

With December fully upon us, many outlets are putting forth their best of the year lists.  Hell, some outlets did this in October and November.  I'm currently working on the annual round-up for SFFWorld with Mark, Nila, and Kat while also cribbing together the annual review post for this blog.

The short of it is, posted their round up: Reviewers’ Choice 2012: The Best Books We Read This Year, and as I've contributed three reviews/appreciations to the site, I was invited to contribute. I won't reveal what I slotted as my top three (we were asked to limit the list to three choices, but some of us cheated a bit), you'll have to click over there to see what I thought.  I'll say it is pretty neat to be one of the part of this post with some of's more visible and respected reviewers (folks like Jo Walton, Liz Bourke, Ron Hogan, Stefan Raets and Niall Alexander whose reviews have always been insightful and some of the most thoughtful in the genre) in specific, and on the whole to be a contributor for

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