Monday, February 17, 2014

The Locke & Key Reread Volume 4 "Keys to the Kingdom" up at

As has become custom the past month or so, my fine editors at posted the latest installment of the Locke & Key reread. In this case, the installment is Volume 4 "Keys to the Kingdom" in which the Locke children come across many, many keys.  

I finished reading "Alpha & Omega" over the weekend as the trade / graphic novel arrived on Friday. Holy shit was it an incredible conclusion to an amazing series. After finishing the series, I'll follow these two storytellers anywhere they go and I'm placing Locke & Key in the top five comic series I've ever read, with "Alpha & Omega" as the best book (of any kind) I've read this year.  For now, I'll just add that my eyes got a little leaky (Rufus!) and leave more of my reaction for the final installment of the reread at  

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