Sunday, June 01, 2014

Books (None) in the Mail (W/E 2014-05-31)

A slow week with no new arrivals over the past seven days. No complaints because I've got plenty to read and review for the near future (plus something else on the horizon to keep me reading).

All that said, here's another picture of Sully.


Debra McKellan said...

Do you know I didn't realize you changed your blog? lol I thought you stopped posting a year ago. ^_^*

LisaMM said...

Hi Rob! I have a book I'd love to send you to fill up that empty mailbox :) I'm Lisa with TLC Book Tours and we have a Sci Fi, near future techno thriller coming up this summer that you might like. I can't find contact info for you anywhere - I'm probably looking right at it, but I can't find it. Email me? Thanks.