Sunday, January 10, 2016

Books in the Mail (W/E 2016-01-09)

Just one review book arrived this week, via email...

Cahill’s Unfinished Business (by Patrick Hester (ebook 01/03/2016) – I read the first Cord Cahil Adventure and really enjoyed it (Cahill's Homecomingso I’m pleased to see Patrick release another installment/episode. Patrick sent this to me earlier in the wek.

A year after the events in CAHILL'S HOMECOMING, Cord Cahill is adrift and angry. The Republic has put a bounty on his head for killing the man who murdered his sister, and bounty hunters are on his trail. This drives him to take a simple, but unsanctioned, Sentinel mission on the frontier. But old enemies are waiting for him, and soon he is fighting for his life against a new and terrifying threat… 

Fans of space westerns and space operas will enjoy CAHILL'S UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

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