Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Spirits

The chances of me posting here before Christmas again is quite slim, so I’ll take the time now to highlight a review of Mark did of an odd-bird of a Christmas story from, of all writers, Whitley Strieber. The Christmas Spirits is a short novelette/novella published in an e-only version, here’s the usual link, cover, and review excerpt:

Here’s a brief novella that’s A Christmas Carol revisited but given a topical update and a slightly more SF slant for good measure.

George Moore is a futures trader who runs the hard-ass firm of Moore Futures. At a time of good will, George has very little. To him, Christmas is an irrelevance that gets in the way of making money 24 hours a day, and George is an exemplary worker. This also applies to them around him. His assistant Megan is refused permission to go home early on Christmas Eve, even though she has Charlie, her autistic son to look after. However George is due a surprise this Christmas. When George gets home, he finds his late employer Bill Hill, who warns him of three visitors due that night to show George Christmases past, present and possible future, and that his life needs to change and not make the mistake deceased Bill made in his lifetime...

You might have heard of this one, before, right?

Some other Christmas Cheer, in the form of Christmas/Holiday themed beer labels

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Ryan said...

Sleighr is such an awesome name for a winter beer, and a pretty tasty one too I might add.