Monday, July 18, 2011

A Dance with Dragons - Discussion and Stuff

With A Dance with Dragons on the shelves just under a week, and having already claimed the best selling fiction book of the year, there is of course ample discussion on the book. What’s happening, what’s happened prior to the books, people forgetting about characters like Theon Greyjoy and Davos since A Storm of Swords published, as well as many other questions. So, here’s a round up of pre-publication blog posts and some current discussions that are probably quite interesting and helpful.

Adam “Werthead” Whitehead
put together amazing recaps of the history of Westeros prior to the books, as well as recaps of events prior to A Dance with Dragons

Wert’s Recaps of the four books before A Dance with Dragons
A Song of Ice and Fire So Far Part 3: Thrones and Kings
A Song of Ice and Fire So Far Part 4: Swords and Crows

Wert’s Pre-Book History of Westeros
The Song of Ice and Fire So Far: Part 1 - Ancient History
The Song of Ice and Fire So Far: Part 2 - The Dragon Kings

Select SFFWorld Discussions about A Dance with Dragons

A Dance With Dragons (MASSIVE SPOILERS!!!)
ADwD expectations were too high? (first 300 pages)
A Dance with Dragons spoiler-free review
ADWD Release July 12th!
ALL A Dance with Dragons discussions at SFFWorld

I would, of course, be remiss if I didn’t mention the fine folks at Westeros:

The above links are a small sampling of the discussion going on for the most highly anticpated fantasy novel in the past six years.

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