Thursday, February 09, 2012

Awesome Omnibus: The Legend of Eli Monpress by Rachel Aaron

I love omnibus volumes, you know, when publishers take a few books in a series and put them under one cover? If you are reading this blog than you likely know what an omnibus is. I'm starting a new feature here at the 'o Stuff - Awesome Omnibus - where I'll highlight a soon-to-be published omnibus that looks great, one I've read that is terrific, or an omnibus I want to get and read.

So, with that in in mind, the fine folks at Orbit Books are re-releasing the first three books in Rachel Aaron's Eli Monpress series in a lovely omnibus, the cover of which is below:

The big honking omnibus officially hits bookshelves on February 14, 2012.

Here's a sample chapter from the first book, The Spirit Thief.

Mark Yon (aka SFFWorld's Hobbit) reviewed the first installment, The Spirit Thief, when it first published back in 2010.

Here's a really cool post at the Orbit Books blog highlighting artist Sam Weber's process for creating the snazzy cover.

Here, author Rachel Aaron gushes about the omnibus and announcing a contest to win the omnibus (which actually sort of prompted this post, but as a result, I've given myself a new blog feature!).


Justin said...

I'm reading this now. Slowly. The first book is fun. What I love is that the original volumes look like PNR fantasy more than sword and sorcery thief fantasy. The rebranding should help sales quite a bit I bet.

RobB said...

They do have that Paranormal look to them. I think the rebranding will help and the omnibus is priced nicely, I think.

Mark said...

I much prefer this new cover. Doesn't Eli look like Bono? *grin*

RobB said...

Yeah, he kinda does look like Bono now that you mention it.

Orbit does a great job packaging their books.

tmso said...

This looks awesome.

RobB said...

Doesn't it thought? I'd expect PeterWilliam of SFFWorld to want a copy, too.